Hi I’m Dr Junaid Malik. I have joined the Holly House Dental team as the Restorative and Aesthetic Dental Surgeon. I have had further training for this from the World-renowned Eastman Institute, in London. I have very high clinical standards of work and have been pleased to have integrated into a practice that shares my drive for clinical excellence.

If you want to explore the advanced or highly aesthetic options for restoring your teeth and gaps, then you will see me! I take lots of clinical photos of your dental journey and can show you step by step how your teeth will transform.

The decision to improve your smile can be a difficult one and needs to be entrusted to someone who not only cares about the quality and longevity of their work, but also cares about the positive boost to your confidence it can give!

I am happy to discuss your concerns and provide you with their solutions.

I have moved up from London and have been welcomed by my northern teammates. There is no North/South divide at Holly House and I am working on the Mancunian accent too! I also support Manchester United when I talk to Joanne.