21st December , 2021
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Why You Should Visit A Dental Hygienist

We know it is essential to visit the dentist regularly, but what about a dental hygienist? What do they do that makes a visit to them in addition to your dentist worthwhile?

Here at Holly House Dental Practice, we believe a visit to a dental hygienist is a vital proactive step you can take to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent dreaded gum disease, tooth loss and pain.

A dental hygienist is a specialist dedicated to helping you keep on top of oral hygiene and preventing tooth loss. They carry out many preventative steps that dentists advise but don’t have the time to do for you.

Our dental hygienists help with a range of issues

Provide teeth cleaning procedures such as removing plaque, polishing and scaling. Regular removal of tartar build-up and polishing away stains will help your teeth and gums remain healthy, your breath fresh and your smile look great.

They can also provide treatments such as whitening and fluoride applications and carry out many procedures such as oral cancer screening.

Their role is primarily to assist you in taking the best possible care of your teeth. They can help and advise on cleaning, flossing and steps you can take to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease not only causes painful gums and bad breath, but it can also see your teeth loosen and fall out if proper preventative treatment and good oral hygiene isn’t maintained.

It pays to visit a dental hygienist regularly

A regular visit to a dental hygienist can save many trips to a dentist. We would always recommend you attend regular dental appointments with both a hygienist and dentist if you want to keep that picture-perfect smile and your self-esteem intact. 

Your hygienist will work alongside and support many of the procedures carried out by a dentist. Still, their primary aim is to save you from tooth loss, pain and the awful effects associated with gum disease and poor oral health. A dental hygienist removes plaque and stains that build up as part of everyday life. They will get to the bits in your mouth that even the most effective brushing and flossing routines can miss. Bacteria gets trapped in gum lines and it takes specialised equipment and the skills of a hygienist to remove it.

Why not book an appointment for a hygienist with us today? You will leave with cleaner, whiter teeth and a fresher mouth that gives you less chance of having bad breath. That is not only great for your long term dental health, but it could also save you time and money undergoing more invasive procedures with your dentist.

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