At Holly House, we make sure that your Invisalign Smile Journey is a great experience. Your teeth and smile are assessed, scanned, and treatment planned. You even get to see your completed Smile Simulation, before you commit.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Assessment of your smile with a 3D digital Scan, photographs, and x-rays
  • Smile Simulation – See how your straighter smile would look
  • Start wearing your tailor-made aligners for 20-22hrs a day, changing them every 1-2 weeks as instructed
  • At the end of treatment fit retainers to keep your new smile in position
  • Add sparkle to your straighter smile with some teeth whitening
  • Smile, smile, smile!

Over the course of a few months, your smile can be completely transformed! It really can be as simple as that! The only problem is, after your Invisalign treatment… won’t want to stop smiling!

Invisalign Packages

  • InvisalignClassic Package


    (£400 saving)

    Invisalign aligners top and bottom

    Fixed bonded retainer (Normally £300)

    Vivera Retainer (Normally £500)

  • InvisalignGold Package


    (£550 saving)

    Invisalign aligners top and bottom

    Zoom tooth whitening (Normally £350)

    Fixed bonded retainer (Normally £300)

    Vivera Retainer (Normally £500)

  • InvisalignLuxury Package


    (£600 saving)

    Invisalign aligners top and bottom

    Enlighten whitening, at home and in practice whitening treatment with guaranteed B1 shade (Normally £600)

    Fixed bonded retainer (Normally £300)

    Vivera Retainer (Normally £500)

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How long does Invisalign take?

Invisalign is a very clever system of attachments and aligners which apply gentle but effective pressure at just the right parts of your teeth, to gently ‘persuade’ them to move into the correct position.

Treatment time can vary, depending on the complexity of your tooth movements, however, you will notice a difference in just a few weeks. Complete treatment time can be as little as 6 months in some cases.

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What are the benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign is the product of highly sophisticated research and development. It is a predictable and safe way to move your teeth. Millions of patients around the world have benefited from this system, and we can provide it for you at Holly House.

  • The clear aligners are discreet, comfortable and strong.
  • There is no need for metal wires and brackets
  • Continue to eat your favourite foods (aligners are removed to eat)
  • Continue to brush and floss without obstruction

What Our Patients Say

Aimee describes her invisalign smile journey, so far!

How the appliance was fitted, how it feels to wear the invisalign aligners? Aimee describes the next stage of her invisalign smile journey!

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