24th May , 2022
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A Guide To Visiting The Dentist Whilst Pregnant

It’s no secret that pregnancy brings a lot of change to a woman’s life. Getting used to the change in hormones, eating habits, and shape of your body is all part of the journey.

Now that you’re pregnant, you may have an influx of new concerns and worries that you didn’t have to think about before! One of these concerns could be about the safety of dentist visits. Our team at Holly House is here to help you navigate your visit with us whilst you’re pregnant.

Attending Your Checkups

Visiting the dentist whilst pregnant is not only safe, but it’s also more important than ever to do so! Attending your checkups allows you to maintain healthy gums and teeth and prevent common dental problems. The last thing you need when you’re pregnant is to have any unnecessary stress.

Did you know that the rise in hormones caused by pregnancy can temporarily loosen the tissue surrounding the teeth? This sounds alarming but it usually doesn’t result in tooth loss so don’t worry. It’s important to chat to your dentist about these concerns so they can offer their expert advice.

Pregnancy hormones can also increase your risk of periodontal disease, so it’s more important than ever for you to keep up with your oral hygiene and visit your dentist. Periodontal disease, or commonly known as gum disease, can be prevented by proper oral hygiene. This includes: brushing twice a day, using mouthwash, and flossing.

Important Things To Remember 

Here are the key things to remember when visiting the dentist whilst you’re pregnant.

  • Dental work is safe during pregnancy. Just make sure you let your dentist know that you’re pregnant and which trimester you’re in and it will work out just fine.
  • Most dental treatments can be carried out like normal during pregnancy. There are some minor exceptions to this, for example, tooth extractions should be done during the second or third trimester to avoid any unnecessary risks. Fillings should also be discussed beforehand.
  • Pregnant women are entitled to free NHS dental care. During your pregnancy and up to 12 months after your baby is born, you can receive free dental care. This is due to the increased risk that pregnant people face.
  • Tell your dentist what medications you’re on. As a pregnant woman, you’re more likely to take medication to treat the changes your body is going through. If you take Heparin for example it’s important to let your dentist know so they’re aware.

If you’re pregnant and worried about your dental health then contact our team today to get the help and support you need. Our friendly team is here to help you get the necessary treatment.

If you are still unsure or need further medical advice we would always recommend speaking with your GP.

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