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Why Are Dental Check-Ups Important?

A regular dental check-up is very important to ensure that your teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, lips, palate and mouth in general, are all free of dental disease. At Holly House we provide all of our patients with an 18 point health check. This allows us to inform our patients of any issues early and treat things before they cause a problem or pain.

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  • An easy to get to, main road location with free parking
  • Enjoy a pre-appointment drink from our selection of teas/coffees/cold drink
  • Your dental concerns will be carefully listened to and your dental health will be assessed. A suitable solution will be offered and discussed.

Treatment Options

  • We offer a range of General, Cosmetic, and Specialist services all under one roof
  • We always tailor treatment to fit your dental needs & wants
  • A detailed plan of action will be discussed and a clear pathway to your perfect, healthy smile will be outlined.

Finance Options

  • Expert Dental Care with a fully transparent fee system.
  • 0% APR up to 12 months. Spread the cost of your new smile.
  • 9.9% APR from 2, 3, and up to 5 years.
  • Extra Discount on treatment over £6000 – If you pay in full at your first appointment, you will receive an additional 10% discount on the total fee amount. *T&C's apply. **This does not apply to treatment with our Specialists.

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  • Let us be the dental experts for you, your family and your friends!
  • Maintain your Health with regular 6 monthly Check-up & Hygiene appointments.
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  • We welcome people from the Stockport area, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire.

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What do we look at in a Dental Check-Up?

During a dental check-up, your dentist will start by carrying out a thorough assessment of your oral hygiene routine. This includes not only a discussion about how you take care of your teeth at home (which we can offer advice on) but will also take into account your regular dietary habits, lifestyle and general health issues.

For instance, we will discuss how much sugar you consume in your diet in the form of sugary food and drinks which will help us assess whether you’re at risk of tooth decay. We may discuss general health issues and how this can affect your mouth disease risks and impact your oral hygiene measures. For example, gum disease and infections have a strong association with diabetes and heart-disease. Arthritis in the hands may be affecting your ability to clean all your teeth adequately. Your dentist is able to offer advice on how best to manage your mouth with such conditions.

Smoking and alcohol consumption is a known factor in the development of oral cancer, this will also be discussed as part of your dietary and lifestyle choices. We are also able to signpost you towards effective smoking cessation help. Regular dental check-ups allow the dentist to screen for mouth cancer and ensure any suspicious lesions are managed appropriately.

Using all of this information will help us put together a package of treatment and advice in accordance with NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines.

What else do we check?

The health of your teeth starts in the gums. We conduct a periodontal screening to assess the health of your gums and underlying bone structure and the appearance of your gums.

This is because the colour of your gums is the first indication of whether there is an issue or not; red and swollen or bleeding gums will indicate that there is a problem which will require
treatment. Healthy gums don’t bleed, so if this is happening, the gums are not happy and in need of some expert advice and treatment.

We will also be looking for any signs of gum recession which will be indicated by gaps between the teeth and the gums. In severe cases of gum disease, the teeth may become loose and uncomfortable and affect your eating and chewing. Effective removal of the dental plaque that builds up on our teeth is key to healthy, strong gums. This can be improved with
the right guidance from your dentist and hygienist. We want to help you to keep your natural teeth for longer.

Reassuring having a regular check up

When you have one of our Membership Plans you can rest easy knowing if you need treatment you find out early so treatment can be done quickly and cost effectively.

I had a check up today and it ease all good. From the minute I walked through the door everything was great. Dr Sarah is brilliant and its nice to see the practice expanding.

Call us on 0161 494 8621 or request a free consultation online.

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Why pick Holly House

We focus on prevention of dental disease by promoting good oral health to all our patients. Our Cosmetic treatments are provided responsibly, with the the long-term health and maintenance of your mouth in mind. Our Specialists address those dental difficulties that your general dentist may struggle with.

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Modern, bright, welcoming environment.
  • Easy to make appointments, to suit your busy schedule.
  • Friendly, caring team providing patient focused dentistry you can trust.
  • Expert panel of Specialists, including Periodontist (GUMS), Orthodontist (Teeth Straightening), Endodontist (Root Canals), Oral surgeon (Implants).
  • Treatment tailored to your dental requirements.
  • Transparent fee system. 0% interest free finance over 12 months. Finance options available for up to 5 years.
  • Membership plans to suit you. Exclusive Members Discounts and World Wide Emergency Assistance Cover.
  • Latest equipment & technology used by our skilled clinicians.

We use the best so you can expect the best

Patient satisfaction is very important to us

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