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How Can I Get My Teeth White Fast

15th January 2021

With a long list of clients, we are continuously asked questions about teeth whitening and the fastest most effective methods of achieving the desired Hollywood smile. To achieve the whitest, most long-lasting results, getting advice from your dentist is the best option. Our team at Holly House Dental offer professional teeth whitening systems to help our clients on their journey to pearly white teeth.

Ways to whiten your teeth

With so many products and treatments available online and in stores, it can be confusing as to where to start when it comes to teeth whitening. To begin, even before you consider a whitening treatment, book that appointment with your dentist! Your teeth must be looked after first, before trying cosmetic treatments. A check up will ensure your gums and teeth are healthy, prior to applying product to the teeth, like a whitening agent.

– Use an electric toothbrush – Using an electric toothbrush as opposed to a manual one will remove difficult surface stains. The vibrating heads have more power and will scrub away the stains to reveal brighter, whiter teeth, whilst also maintaining a healthy mouth and gums.

– Whitening toothpastes – these could be used a few times to week, to aid in the whitening of your teeth. You may notice after continuous use your teeth appear a few shades lighter. Although this is a popular method, however, it will not achieve the best results and will need to be maintained more regularly.

– Whitening strips – Strips are a very easy and simple solution to teeth whitening and are certainly a popular method. They can be great for use every now and then, for instance if you have a big event approaching. When using whitening strips, the chemicals can increase your teeth’s sensitivity, so do be careful when using them.

– Stop smoking – this may not be the easiest, nor the fastest method, but stopping smoking will prevent any further staining to your teeth.

– Consume certain foods – foods such as strawberries, apples, cheese, and yoghurt, can actually brighten your teeth and assist in improving your overall oral health.

– Consider professional teeth whitening from your dentist – the best option, and the one we recommend, is to approach your dentist for professional teeth whitening. The safest and most effective method of teeth whitening.

How professional teeth whitening works

The process of professional teeth whitening starts by making a custom tray to fit your mouth, which will also fit snugly over your teeth. This will be filled with a whitening agent designed to gradually lighten your teeth. We will send you home with your custom trays and whitening agent, which you can then use at home for a few hours every day to achieve your desired results.
Choosing professional teeth whitening will provide you the longest lasting results, whilst also being advised by a professional who will take into consideration your teeth’s sensitivity. Your trays will also be custom, so they will not cause any irritation to you during use.

Maintain the results of teeth whitening

Although everybody enjoys sipping on their favourite beverages like coffee and wine from time to time, it is important to consider your consumption of these when trying to achieve pearly white teeth. These types of drinks, along with food like curry and tomatoes, have powerful staining power. In order to maintain the results of your teeth whitening treatments we recommend avoiding drinking or eating these foods and beverages frequently. If you would rather continue to enjoy them however, cleaning your teeth regularly and ensuring you floss and use mouthwash will help to prevent them staining your teeth further. Maintaining the great results of teeth whitening.
Eating plenty of crunchy, raw veg is also a great way to maintain the white of your teeth. These solid foods are able to strip superficial stains from your teeth, as you crunch and chew on them.

Teeth Whitening at Holly House Dental

Seeking a pearly white smile? Look no further than our professional services at Holly House Dental. Here we offer teeth whitening systems which will work overtime to develop the desirable Hollywood white smile. Following the maintenance advice of our dentists, and looking after your teeth, your results could last up to 3 years! Contact us today for your teeth whitening consultation, we look forward to hearing from you.

Why pick Holly House

We focus on prevention of dental disease by promoting good oral health to all our patients. Our Cosmetic treatments are provided responsibly, with the the long-term health and maintenance of your mouth in mind. Our Specialists address those dental difficulties that your general dentist may struggle with.

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Modern, bright, welcoming environment.
  • Easy to make appointments, to suit your busy schedule.
  • Friendly, caring team providing patient focused dentistry you can trust.
  • Expert panel of Specialists, including Periodontist (GUMS), Orthodontist (Teeth Straightening), Endodontist (Root Canals), Oral surgeon (Implants).
  • Treatment tailored to your dental requirements.
  • Transparent fee system. 0% interest free finance over 12 months. Finance options available for up to 5 years.
  • Membership plans to suit you. Exclusive Members Discounts and World Wide Emergency Assistance Cover.
  • Latest equipment & technology used by our skilled clinicians.

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