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What are Dentures

When a few or many teeth are missing, eating and smiling can be affected. Dentures as an artificial teeth replacement may be an option. Dentures are a removable appliance, which replace the missing teeth in the gaps in the mouth. They are made from an acrylic material and may incorporate a metal framework as a base. They can be a complex treatment, with several stages of construction.

Our experienced clinicians can make your dentures to function and appear almost as natural teeth would. Enquire about our ‘Bespoke Dentures range’.

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Denture Consultation

The denture options best for your particular gaps, concerns and lifestyle will be discussed.

Primary impressions/Scan

At this appointment the dentist will record the position of the remaining teeth and the shape of the mouth.

Teeth preparation

You may require this appointment to provide any adaptations that may be needed to your teeth, in order for the denture to fit more snuggly with the remaining teeth.

Definitive impressions

These are the final impressions from which your mouth moulds will be made and from which your dentures will be created. There are an accurate fit of your mouth.

Jaw registration

This stage records the position of your jaws and the type of ‘bite’ that you naturally have. This is unique to each individual and the more accurately this is assessed, the more comfortable your dentures will feel when you use them to chew. This is a very technical part of the process. A shade for your teeth will also be selected at this stage and any particular cosmetic features will also be recorded to allow your denture teeth to appear natural to you.

Trial dentures

A ‘mock-up’ of your dentures will be created in wax and made available for you to ‘try’. These are not the final set, but allow for any changes to be made. Here you and your dentist will be checking for any cosmetic alterations, and how well the dentures allow you to chew and bite. Changes can be made following this assessment, before the dentures are set into their durable and permanent material, ready for the final fit.

Final fit of denture

At this stage too, changes can still be made and are often required to ease the dentures into your mouth. Full instructions regarding denture care and hygiene will be given. You will then be asked to take them away and use them and function with them for further assessment of their comfort. The proof is in the pudding!

For most people, changes will still be required and small tweaks are easy to make. This will be reviewed, a couple of weeks later. Dentures are to be left out at night.

Review of dentures

Any further adjustments can be made to address any areas that are rubbing or not quite bedding in. You may have small ulcers, where the dentures need to be slightly smoothed and polished. Don’t worry, this is a normal part of the process to denture comfort.

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Starting your journey with us is easy

Whatever treatment you need, our process is easy.

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First Appointment

Arrive stress-free with an easy to get to, main road location with free parking. You will receive a warm welcome from our reception team and can enjoy a pre-appointment drink from our selection of teas/coffees/cold drinks in our calmingly, chic Patient Lounge.

Your dental concerns will be carefully listened to and your dental health will be assessed. A suitable solution will be offered and discussed.

Treatment Options

We offer a range of General, Cosmetic, and Specialist services all under one roof. We always tailor treatment to fit your dental needs & wants. A detailed plan of action will be discussed and a clear pathway to your perfect, healthy smile will be outlined.

Finance Options

Expert Dental Care with a fully transparent fee system.

Spread the cost of your new smile with 0% APR up to 12 months or 9.9% APR from 2, 3, and up to 5 years.

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How do I get fitted for Dentures?

We will take an impression of your gums and teeth to create an exact model of your mouth. This is then sent away to a dental technician and used to create your denture. It can take several stages to ensure that your dentures feel comfortable and are functional, yet natural looking in appearance.

Can I eat normally with a Denture?

Having a denture may feel a little strange at first and you may be worried about what you can eat. We advise that you start by eating mainly soft foods until you get used to your new dentures. It can take some time to adjust to new dentures and your mouth will need to train itself to function well with the artificial teeth. New dentures can need some adjustments, and your dentist will be able to address any early problems.

After the initial adjustment period, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the foods you normally eat. Be aware though that harder foods, like toffee for example, should be avoided so that you don’t risk damaging your dentures.

Caring for your Dentures

Dentures are a removable appliance, and should be left out overnight. Make sure that they are kept clean at all times in order to avoid any irritation of the underlying gums, teeth and skin.

Please do persevere with your new dentures, however, if you find it difficult to adjust to them, then you may want to consider fixed options for gap replacement, such as bridges and implants. Your dentist will be able to advise you.

A well-fitting denture can make a big difference to quality of life and we have many heart-warming testimonials from patients that thought there was no alternative to their ill-fitting and painful dentures.

Dentures are a complex treatment to execute well. We are very lucky to have a dentist with extra training and a special interest in denture work. He has addressed the denture issues of many patients.
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Why pick Holly House

We focus on prevention of dental disease by promoting good oral health to all our patients. Our Cosmetic treatments are provided responsibly, with the the long-term health and maintenance of your mouth in mind. Our Specialists address those dental difficulties that your general dentist may struggle with.

Holly House Dental Practice is located in the heart of the community. This means we have great accessibility via car or public transport. We are wheelchair friendly and have ample free parking on-site and around our building.

Our bright and vibrant reception and waiting area give ‘happy vibes only!’

Arrive early and take the opportunity to relax in our ultra-chic patient lounge. Here we offer a selection of hot and cold drinks in a calm and comfortable ‘chill space’.

Our professional team are leaders in their field and are constantly updating their knowledge to keep up with the latest advances in dental treatment and technology.

Our Holly House Dental team strive to deliver above and beyond your expectations. We offer:

  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Modern, bright, welcoming environment.
  • Easy to make appointments, to suit your busy schedule.
  • Friendly, caring team providing patient focused dentistry you can trust.
  • Expert panel of Specialists, including Periodontist (GUMS), Orthodontist (Teeth Straightening), Endodontist (Root Canals), Oral surgeon (Implants).
  • Treatment tailored to your dental requirements.
  • Transparent fee system. 0% interest free finance over 12 months. Finance options available for up to 5 years.
  • Membership plans to suit you. Exclusive Members Discounts and World Wide Emergency Assistance Cover.
  • Latest equipment & technology used by our skilled clinicians.

We use the best so you can expect the best

Patient satisfaction is very important to us

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