White fillings are a superior alternative to traditional silver or amalgam fillings. While traditional fillings are certainly hard-wearing and practical, there’s no doubt that they are a little unsightly. Many people are self-conscious about their smile and a mouth full of dark-coloured fillings can add to this self-consciousness. More people are now opting for white composite fillings to achieve a more natural look and avoid the shadowed appearance amalgam fillings can often give teeth.

White fillings are made of a composite material consisting of a tooth-coloured acrylic resin and powdered glass mixture. After your dentist applies the filling, a high-intensity blue light is used to harden the mixture.

What are the advantages of White Fillings?

Because white fillings are made from a composite material, your dentist can customise the shade of the filling to match the natural colour of your teeth to achieve a far subtler look than amalgam fillings.

The bespoke composition of white fillings makes them especially suitable for fillings in teeth which are immediately visible like front teeth and repairing broken, worn or chipped teeth.

Unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings can also provide greater support as the composite material chemically bonds to the structure of the tooth. Additionally, when preparing your tooth for a filling we find that sometimes we can save more of a tooth by using white fillings than with an amalgam filling. Ask your dentist if this is appropriate for your teeth.

Are White Fillings as effective as amalgam fillings?

The life expectancy of white fillings can be varied and will depend on a number of different factors. The position of the filling in your mouth, how you bite and the things you eat can all affect the longevity of your fillings.

Regular dental check-ups and x-rays will allow the dentist to check your existing fillings and ensure they are effective and the surrounding tooth is disease or damage free. If there are problems, these can be picked up early and addressed before any major problems occur.