A dental crown is a custom-made ‘cap’ which is fitted over the entire surface of an existing tooth in order to restore the appearance of a broken, crooked, damaged or weakened tooth. Crowns also add strength to the underlying tooth structure, preserving the functionality of the tooth. In other words, a dental crown ensures that not only is the normal appearance of your smile restored but it enables you to use the tooth as you normally would.

Why would you need a Dental Crown?

If your tooth has suffered too much damage or decay to support a filling, or if there is too large a cavity and a filling would be too obvious, a crown may be a more practical option for providing protection. In cases where you have a dental implant, a crown may be fitted onto the implant.

People who have very worn down teeth, due to damage from grinding, erosion or abrasion, can in severe cases, find that having a crown or crowns is the only viable option to prevent further destruction.

The aesthetic appearance of your smile can be improved by a dental crown where there are gaps, severely broken, diseased or discoloured teeth. However, there are risk as well as benefits with crowns and their appropriateness for you, needs to be discussed with your dentist.

What are Dental Crowns made of?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials including metals, porcelain and ceramics. Some patients opt for a crown made from metal, but in most cases porcelain or ceramic is used as these give a more natural and pleasing appearance. The shade of this artificial or ‘crowned’ tooth can also be matched to your other teeth.

Depending on what type of crown you opt for, there are varying costs and we are happy to discuss this with you at your initial consultation.