Orthodontist in Stockport

Holly House Dental Practice are one of the leading orthodontists in Stockport and are one of the only dentists to offer specialist orthodontic treatments in the area. Orthodontic treatments are used to improve the appearance of teeth and correct any misalignment issues that can affect your bite and jaw position. Orthodontics also plays a part in the treatment of other problems like sleep apnoea or excessive snoring, where these issues can be resolved by the use of a custom-made mouth guard to correct the position of the jaw.

How can Orthodontics benefit me?

If you have crooked, misaligned teeth, or an improper bite, you could eventually suffer from damaged teeth or strained and sore jaw muscles. In cases of very serious misalignment, this could result in the abnormal development of the shape of the face. In most cases, common dental problems can easily be solved by correcting any crowding of the teeth or by straightening them. Your bite can also be corrected using orthodontic treatments so that your teeth meet evenly. Ultimately, orthodontics can improve the way you eat and talk, but most of all can give you the confident smile you deserve.

Types of Orthodontic treatments

For the majority of correction or realignment cases, braces are the preferred method of treatment, with several types of braces available to choose from.

The purpose of any type of brace is to place gentle pressure on the teeth over a set period of time to move them into the correct position. The time taken to achieve the desired result depends on the severity of the problem. You can eat and drink normally whilst wearing a brace and it may be less noticeable than you’d think!

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